Make Sure Your Property Sits on a Sturdy Foundation

Hire us to handle your foundation repair in East Peoria or Washington, IL

A faulty foundation can cause a wide range of problems in your building, including drywall cracks, jammed doors, crooked windows, broken tile and uneven floors. To prevent a cracked foundation from hurting your property's appeal, lowering its value and putting your structure at risk, hire the pros at Arch Masonry. We provide skilled foundation repairs in East Peoria, Washington, IL and surrounding areas.

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Learn about the 3 leading causes of foundation damage

Foundation damage can be caused by a wide range of factors. For example, you may have to schedule foundation repair services if:

  • The soil under your foundation swells or shrinks
  • The foundation wasn't installed correctly in the first place
  • The lack of drainage is making your soil oversaturated or causing sinkholes
No matter what caused cracks in your foundation, we can fix the issue. Contact us today to take advantage of our foundation leak repair services. And be sure to ask about our basement installation and drainage installation services.